Hi, my name is Nicki and i am 33yrs of age. I am married to a wonderful man Jason and have been for 12yrs. Together we have 6 beautiful children Aidan 10yrs, Tristan 8yrs, Liana 6yrs, Callum 5yrs, Brax 3yrs and Arleea 1yr.
After years of hearing alot of awful birth experiences then having 2 awesome births myself i found myself drawn to wanting to empower woman to choose the way they birth.
I completed my studies via Optimum Birth in September of 2008.
Personally i have experienced 2 wonderful drug free vaginal births, 2 caesareans and an awesome VBAC and VBA2C. I have breastfeed my children, all to different ages.
I have supported, first time parents, birth after a tramatic birth, induction's, caesareans, VBAC's, VBA2C's.
I cover Ipswich/Boonah, Logan, Redlands,  and all of Brisbane.
Yes i do have my own opinion on birth but i will never force what i believe on anyone therefore i support any way you choose to birth. I will not tell you what you should do but i will make sure you are fully informed to make your own decisions.
I will assist you in anyway possible.
Along side my passion of being a Doula i also LOVE to photograph Birth and everything it entails.
If it is not extra support you are after but some beautiful photo's of the moments you will never get back again, then i can do that too.
Please take a look at the gallery to view my photo's.
We all know babies dont wait for anyones schedule, hence i am on call for the birth of your baby/babies at all times.